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Proper Operation and Navigation Thumbnail
Proper Operation and Navigation
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Safety and Precaution
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Anchoring and Recreational Activities
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Learn about key safety measures you should take to enjoy a safe experience on the water when you rent a houseboat.

In less than twelve minutes, you'll be equipped with basic information regarding houseboat operation, safety guidelines, activities, and more! A ten question assessment is also available for you to take and review how much you've learned.


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  1. Before turning on the engine and moving a houseboat, you should:

  2. Only swim when… :

  3. Which of the following are places you should NOT swim with a houseboat?

  4. How many wearable, properly-fitted Coast Guard approved life jackets should be on board your boat?

  5. Before you go to sleep on a houseboat, you should:

  6. Which of the following is NOT an example of utilizing safe boating practices?

  7. Ultimately, boating safety depends primarily on:

  8. If the Carbon Monoxide alarm goes off, which of the following should you NOT do?

  9. If you are unsure about local navigation and laws, you should:

  10. Which of the following is not necessary before embarking on your houseboat?